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The Best location theories so far


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I thought this needed it's own topic,

I've compiled the best theories that have been put forward here so far with good evidence


Vice City Story Theory:

From GTA IV Clues:

- Lazlow being on the radio and references his past career in Vice City.

- Interviews a Love Fist member

- There is a Love Fist flashing promo in Star Junction.

- There is a Love Fist poster in the first Derrick McReary mission (note that this is a McReary mission, as many people have theories involving Packie)

- The 'Next Stop..' tear out from the Back of the EFLC manual was revealed to be a poster from a porn shop in GTA IV advertising Mollis.

This product was featured in Vice City.


Love Fist poster from the McReary mission:



Packie based theory:


- It is revealed in the credits for The Ballad of Gay Tony that Packie left Liberty City with a duffel bag on a west-bound flight to an unknown location. Theories of his destination include:


Ireland: The first assumption based on Packie's culturally-inclined personality. Although drunk at the time, he promises Niko "I'm going to Ireland Niko, I'm gonna f*cking go." It might also be a possibility seeing as he is proud of his descent. It may be unlikely, however, as he is leaving on a west-bound flight. (Someone incorrectly said it was eastbound earlier)

Australia: Packie tells Niko during one friend activity that Australia would be nice because it has nice beaches and hot chicks.

Vice City: Seeing as how Packie wanted to go somewhere with nice beaches and hot chicks, Vice City could be a desirable location.

San Andreas: There is always a possibility that he could have travelled to any of the cities in the State of San Andreas.


- People are linking the colour green in the V logo to Packie because he is Irish (I personally don't think this is strong enough evidence though)


- The V logo is designed with a money theme and Packie's main storyline in GTA IV was robbing the bank.


San Andreas Theory:


- There is a plane ticket in GTA IV which has the destination as San Andreas.

- Packie could've left to San Andreas.

- The 'Next Stop..' tear out from the Back of the EFLC manual was revealed to be a poster from a porn shop in GTA IV advertising Mollis - This product was featured in San Andreas.


EFLC Manual/Poster comparison:


Mollis in GTA IV:


Mollis advert correct way around:



Money Based Clues:

- V logo style and scroll is taken from 1907 $5 bill (coincidence that it's from a FIVE?)


- The pattern inside the V can be seen in the middle on the back of the note:





What are your views on these?

If you have anymore evidence to add to any of these topics please submit it forward in this thread!

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Please no, there's no need for this. These have been made before. We don't need topics summing up theories, as they have all been discussed to death. Locked.

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