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1000 Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto III


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Noticing a Dodo theme so here
596 - Drive the Dodo backwards across the whole map
597 - Use a van or a truck to trap yourself in the Cartel hideout. (The hideout as seen in "Liberator")
598 - While at the Staunton safehouse, move the green trash container into either the save point or the garage.

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599 - Borrow a firetruck, turn a car upside down, watch the stupid dumbass fool pedestrians carelessly walk around, enjoy the explosion with the limbs flying everywhere, get out and collect the idiots' money.

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You skipped a couple numbers! I just replaced wrong ones.

We at 608 nao!!1!


608. Make every possible vehicle damageproof

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609. Listen to every radio station from start to finish.

610. Keep the Kuruma you get at the beginning of the game and use it during the last mission.

611. Get to the second and third islands prematurely using cheats and/or glitches. (It can be done using both last I checked)

612. Make a save point at the third island after the first mission. 

613. Spawn/find a tank and shoot at it until caves into the pressure.

614. Punch the guy with headphones repeatedly to get some high quality rave action. Complete with groans!

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Nurse Busta

615. Get five out of the seven gangs to be antagonistic to you for the whole, entire game.

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Evil empire

616 - Edit the main.scm and earn more than 18000$ for your quadruple insane stunts

617 - Edit the main.scm so you only need to take a weapon 3 times in your safehouses to get the maximum quantity of ammunition

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Comrade Monke

618. Read and see tutorials on how to fly the dodo and then get disappointed when they don't work for some reason in your playthrough (true story 😔)

619. If you somehow get the dodo to fly, fly it into every single tall building, thus turning Claude into a domestic terrorist 

620. Fly the dodo into the Tw@t, the only somewhat destructible building with people in it and cause an actual terrorist attack

621. Push the rigged cheetah Salvatore uses to try and kill you into the garage, then somehow get him to enter it in the mission where you kill him, thus completing sayonara Salvatore in a poetic way.

622. Crush the game by going outside map boundaries

623. Teach some carjackers a lesson by rigging some cars with bombs and then getting criminals to carjack you


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624 - Take a fast car and a baseball bat, find a street thug, get out of the car, position yourself on the thug's side, hit him with the bat so he falls while turning on himself, get back in the car, slowly roll while the angry thug runs after you then get away

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