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Gtaf username:Gibbs333

Gamer tag: Gibbs2225

Have you ever been Screwed over by another clan: Npe

Preference:APC Operator, Sniper And Driving Cars

Skill level 1-10 in that preference on your best day?: 7

Old mafias, gangs,Brotherhoods?: Nope

How Often are you on Gtaforums: Evryday

How Can You Contribute?: I Can Use Snipers, Tell The Emeneys Weakness And Drve Cars Getting Away From Helicoptors

Fun fact: I Just Been On A Flying Bus In Gta Lol

With your hand on the page do you agree to abide all rules and oath?: Yes I Do, And All Ways Youll Keep My Words

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Don't make a new topic to apply to a gang.

Either apply to an existing one in their gang topic or post in the "Looking for a Gang" topic.

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