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Less Realism


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Grand Theft Auto has three of the funnest games I ever owned. GTAIII GTAVC and GTASA

GTAIII Had me rolling on the floor with the radio. Vice City had me dying with the voice overs.

San Andreas had a nice even good laugh across it all.

They could have used that same engine a few more times and focused on the entertainment portion of grand theft auto

and I would have bought and finished them all (minus the portable ones. squint >.< squint.).

More focus on the entertainment portion and less focus on "the extreme over the top look there is a hair stuck to one of the shoe laces as he flies through the air after a wreck". Who cares if there is a puddle of grease shining on top of the sweat you see building up in the pores. That's not fun at all. There is no entertainment in graphics. If you want good graphics, watch a movie, or go for a walk.

Video games are for the entertainment .

I want to jump ramps, I want to out run the cops, I want to run from criminals. I don't want to sit there watch to see if the nasal hair flickering around moves around unique to the environment.

Is the grass not green enough? It's not reality. It's a game. I want a game. Not a movie.

I want lots and lots and lots more action, over the top humor, imagination going full sprint. My brain can fill in the left out junk, like why is it winter but the grass is still green.. Who cares? I'm happy they had a good skin for the grass part of the engine. That's it..

GTAIV was too much. And boring. It had no entertainment value at all.

The people who were entertained by how great the graphics were, were also griping because their machine wasn't balls enough to play smoothly.


Those people do not matter. They will always gripe about the graphics not being good enough yet too much for their machines so the game is broken. We all saw this.


GTA Is Fun and games.

I want to laugh again.

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I figure since it's just the opposite, I don't really want to press the point or it would look like I am trying to argue. I was hoping others with the same opinion would come here and prevent fights.

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