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Well here we are finally a trailer, glad that is over with, what a long ride it has been, with where is the blue? and good ole Checy Chase? Hope he is doing well. So now that the trailer is coming, we all want to know what will be on that Disk when he get it, such as the size of the map, and the interactitivy that is involved.


I myself disliked the activities in IV, and R* needs to take this to the next level, that is interactivity. They have had more than three years to play around with making this the game that we wanted this gen.


Size of the map, i could care less, i am sure it will be just fine, but what we can do in this living and breathing world is what is important, NO it wont be GTA USA or the size of the that, but probably the size of the IV map or something like that.


Anyway give me a smaller Multiplayer such as just free roam with 15 friends or even 10 others, and concentrate on SP interactivity.


First: Let us pick up anything or just about, not just a brick and throw it at a window. In LA Noire i could interact and pick up things so this has to be implentend. I want to open the f n trunk already and store stuff in it, such as people, or my weapons, or sit on a bench, like in LAN.

Let me pick up a garbage can, let me pick up items in my house or interact with them. Let me pick up whatever i want too. Let me interact with people and ask them questions, interogate them, or just have some questions to interct with th NPC's. Let me play b ball at the courts with other buddies on down time, please no bowling or darts, or girlfriends, we have that in the real life. Let us interact with casinos, buy properties from the world as i am thinking this protag will be loaded, go into peoples houses, interact with shops owners, etc.


Let us walk down the street and just see real interaction with people, fights, people gathering and playing games, or going into shops, movies, show people in groups gathering and talking about the city. Let me walk down the street and feel like i am in a city, not an empty liberty city. Show people gasing up their car, broken down on side of road with tow truck behind them and a police car. Show people at a car delalership buying cars, and have people mingling around stores, sitting down at dinner, people gettign chased down the street, a robbery in progress.


Have us play the side of the law also, if i want too, give me the option to play as more than one protag which is more thanlikely in the game. The badass billionaire, and detective playable in the game. Let me ride a rollercoaster if i want, or go to a stadium and see a game. Let me use a cop car and pull people over, and go fight crime. Let me fly a jet, let me ride my jet ski on the ocean with other people out and about. Let me go into 75 percent of interiors and interact with people, shops, bars, clubs, casinos, airport. Let me drive a 16 wheeler and attach and unattach it.


I would sacrifice size for interactivities, because if the city is boring and nothing to see or do then what good is it. i am hoping that this is the game we have been waiting for.



And dont say their is not enough space to do this, yes their is make is 6 disks if you have too. Look at ames these days they have a lot of content it can be done. We dont need a thousand radio stations, just couple.


What are you looking for in V with interactivity and size?

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Half these ideas could go towards The Sims 4 dozingoff.gif but anyways, a gta game doesn't need that much interactivity. the only way i'd interact with a ped is by killing them. but then again, it probably would be interesting to socialise with the woman in the city. inlove.gif lol anyway, yeah, these ideas are quite good. more of a living city is better than a couple of the same cars driving down the street with a cop eating a dougnut and a hobo wandering about looking for someone to get money from.


I've had my say. biggrin.gif

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I would like plenty of countryside which could hide all the illegal activities of various criminal gangs.

I would like to be able to interact with alot more than in previous games, but mostly, I just want 'planes back. biggrin.gif

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Well,there already is people mingling around shops,and looking through their windows,washing them etc. And there are already homeless people you can give money to and there are people getting chased down the street sometimes. I don't know why you "wanted" that,it already has it.

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