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The Trailer. . .Your Thoughts?


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Hi All


Like many I was totally jumping for joy when I saw GTA V trailer would be out next week.

I was also on the edge of my seat waiting for the likes of Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3.


How clever was the marketing on Rockstars part here! They blast on to the net with a bomb shell and totally make these upcoming games not so exciting anymore. . .Well Done Rockstar. . .


Anyway to the topic . . . . The main question of all about the game is LOCATION!

No is really bothered about the characters or gameplay etc just where the game will take place. . . .

Nothing wrong with this I guess but do you think Rockstar will even give the location away in the first trailer?


This could be another Iphone 4s situation. . .Everyone waiting for Apple to say "And now the new Iphone 5"

and everyone left with the 4s HAHA. . .

Off topic but this trailer could just be some audio and the main character talking . . . .


I really hope not but before everyone gets their hopes up . . .What do you think Rockstar are planning to show us next week?



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Andrew already made a topic about this, is it so hard to look around the first page before posting?


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