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GTA crashes with Nvidia VGA On


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hey guys ... i've got a Dell Ins n5110 notebook with a Intel HD vga and additional Nvidia GT525m ... on win 7 a black screen apears right after clicking on launchgtaiv.exe and then a error message comes ... but when i disable Nvidia card the games runs well but with lowest quality ... anyone got any solutions for that ?


thanks for you time..

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You left out A LOT of REQUIRED information from the Pinned troubleshooting topic like:


What is your Processor?

What is the Processor Speed?

What is the RAM?

What is the Vram?

How much is dedicated(vram)?

How much of the vram is total?

Do you have the latest SP for 7, which is SP1?

Is this the Retail(DVD) version OR a Downloaded version?

If Downloaded, from where?

If Retail, Is this the Original DVD OR a No-DVD crack OR a Copy of said DVD?

Any Mods/Trainers?

Any Daemon tools or the like installed on PC?-these can interfere with games..


Please answer ALL the above questions, so we can better help you..

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