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Controller Separate Settings for On Foot and Car


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Hello All,


Yes I'm kicking it old school and just reinstalled GTA Vice City for my PC. Was wondering if anyone on here knows of a mod that let's you have different settings for controller on Foot and in Car?


I'll give an example:


Say I want button 8 for move forward In Car. But I want button 8 for Fire On Foot.



Appreciate all the help. smile.gif

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I wanted to see about programming the keys and mouse best for a PSX adapter, that's a USB to PS2 controller option for PC gaming, you can try a more familiar game controller via that method, Or if you're strict to keyboard and mouse, you would just experiment I guess, in terms of the QWERTY layout and how you play the game, I'm not sure what specifics you're after

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Thank you for your response Slamman.


I do have it set up to work with my Logitech RumblePad 2. But the game won't let me adjust different settings on Foot and in Car. It's kind of a bummer cause I like customizing my controls. Is there possibly a text file in the game folders I can edit to do that?

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