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What are the best mods?


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I am doing a replay of this game after several years and I want the best experience possible

Im looking for a good graphics mod, What would you reccomend?

Oh and specs arent an issue, I could run pretty much anything.

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In case of graphics it will be:

-New Great Effects 1.6 - Name says all - new effects, pretty realistic

-ENB Series - Google it, great d3d9 hack

You can try to combine it with SAGFX (it's here on forums) and mods by Ryosuke (hotmist.ddo.jp) - he has pretty good bloom shader, DOF, Normal mapping on peds, bullet holes and so on

-SRT3 1.7 - replaces almost all textures to a higher quality ones


Emm, why I'm writing all of this... Go to Mod showroom -> other -> Enb screenshot thread - In first post you'll find everything you need to make your SA look better smile.gif

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