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This topic predicted GTA V 20 days before


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Rockstar Answers Question on GTA [V] by Adriaan - http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=488375


It said:


There's been some speculation lately over when Rockstar will be announcing anything new on the GTA franchise, including the possibility of something around the 10 year anniversary of GTA III/3D Grand Theft Auto. Today, Rockstar answered two questions on this as part of their "Ask & Answered" Q&A.




The last two questions on that page...



“When are we going to see a new GTA????? #bestgameever” - received via Twitter

“When's the new grand theft auto coming out?” - received via Twitter


Big, big shout to all Grand Theft Auto fans worldwide who we know are anxious to hear about what’s next for the franchise but we don’t have any news at this time.

All we can say is, right now, we’re focused on our next upcoming releases which are Max Payne 3 as well as L.A. Noire for PC, Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition and Max Payne for mobile devices. When and if we have anything to report regarding the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you know that we’ll do so here at the Newswire or on our Twitter or Facebook.




“Grand Theft Auto III ten years! How does that sound? You should be proud of yourselves. Any special events?” - received via Mouthoff


Thank you. We’re more proud of you long-standing Grand Theft Auto fans who’ve been there since the release of GTAIII and before – and truly helped make that series what it is with your amazing support. We may have a couple things lined up to commemorate the occasion – we have recently announced that we’ll be doing an official Social Club GTA multiplayer play session (of GTAIV: Complete Edition) on the weekend of Grand Theft Auto III’s ten year anniversary with some special giveaways. And we might have one or two other little things lined up. Please stay tuned...



So, my point is, this particular topic made me pretty sure that there's gonna be something big around October 20-24. But just yesterday, on monday, my thinking and hope falled down because they didn't show anything about V. But here we go, it's October 25th and...


user posted image


Grand Theft Auto V is announced. And trailer is coming next week. My feeling? Quite shocked. I was looking for some leaks and informations about this game EVERYDAY from about 2 months. And today is this day... Funny!


What do you guys think about the location?

My bet is Las Venturas. But I was always sure of Vice City.




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Your theory has already been pointed out in the announcement topic. Please discuss it further there as we don't need separate topics for every theory on who knew what, why we got an announcement today, ect.



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