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Grand Theft Auto V Announced


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Trailer debuting Wednesday, November 2nd at 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT.

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Looking very Las Vegas that "Five"


Just speculating



Edited by dubstep_goon
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Just received a twitter from R* with a single word: GTA V

then looked onto site:



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You're f*ckin' with me. yeah you are oh god, oh god hahaha, This is my one biog outburst for the forums! "Thank You R* you f*ckin' peices of sh*t!" making me wait this Long, WOOO! rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif

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but this V sign is strange

and i will say i like more minimalistic stuff but still im veeeery HAPPY ! colgate.gif to see that GTA V will be on this gen consoles

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Thank U Rockstar Games, U Made My Day ....... Can't wait for the Trailer, can't wait for the City, can't wait for the Protagonist, can't wait for Grand Theft Auto V.



NeXt year ........ March, 2012 ... Max Payne 3; October 2012 ... Grand Theft Auto V.

Edited by valensim
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Yes yes yes!


I hope that it will be one of the San Andreas cities, we'll see what the time will show though. And I also hope that the map is much much bigger than in previous games. 2nd November, can't wait...

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Its a... Paaarty!!!!!!!!!!


Edit:Its been a day. Still can't f*cking believe that it got announced. Still can't come out of the partying mood. happy.gif F*cking crazy Rockstar!!! lol.gif

Edited by deepthroatgta6
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The GTA V section has just gotten interesting.

This section will BLOW UP!


Glad to finally see something officially from Rockstar Games, I didn't even expect a trailer.

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Sorry i had a slight seizure...

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About time. That's f*cking awesome! *nerdgasms all over the room*

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So what happened to that company who were neglecting it's fans ran by that fat bald bastard? wink.gif

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