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I recommend HD and fullscreen.


We were assigned to create absolutely anything that relates to the word "Identity" in my college course. So I came up with this; a vague yet fun-to-look-at cartoon of a man whose mannerisms disrupts the common people around him.


I'm 17, so of course I have plenty of space to grow on my skills. I recognise things that are right and wrong. However, so far I've had a wonderful response to it; my college tutors especially expressed enthusiasm.


Hope you enjoy it! If not, at least accept its belonging in the Visual Arts section of the forum. Don't see any other topics that have animation. Not good enough, GTAForums.

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I liked it!


If I was to give any criticisms it would be that the lines could be bolder, maybe have lines of different sizes e.g thicker outlines for people and structures and thinner lines for clothing and details, than everything the same.


Otherwise very well done.


By the way what is the course you're doing? Would help people know what you're trying achieve from your work and thus where to aim opinions.

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Yes, I definitely agree about the outlines. It sucks because I have to tell people to watch in HD just so they can see it. It's unnatural, man.


The course is Interactive Media. We do animation, web based work, graphic design, photography and media theory. The assignment was not specific at all; create an artefact that responds to the theme of identity.


Thanks for the feedback and the watching of the video! colgate.gif

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I just watched it in HD, I see the difference now.


Excellent, you've done a fairly deep insight from such a brief assignment. I used to use the Underground quite a bit and am somewhat guilty of judging people for such trivial, needless things. I think you've done well at pinpointing peoples judgments and perceptions when there's nothing to do but sit and look at each other.


Good luck with your course! icon14.gif

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