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Marco Simoncelli killed at Malaysian MotoGP


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Article here.



Marco Simoncelli has died from the injuries he sustained in a crash on the second lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix. He was 24.


Simoncelli was fighting for fourth with Alvaro Bautista when he lost the front of his bike and slid across the circuit, into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, both of whom then hit the Honda.


Simoncelli lay stricken on the track after the crash, his helmet having come off during the incident.


He was taken by ambulance to the circuit's medical centre, but at 4.56pm local time it was announced he had succumbed to his injuries.


This, like Dan Wheldon being killed a week ago at the IndyCar season finale has been a huge huge blow to his sport. Simoncelli has attracted great attention this year for being incredibly talented and fast, if a little erratic. He had gone a long way to improving this problem and has scored a decent run of podiums towards the end of this season. Definite future race winner if not MotoGP champion. Huge shame. Very exciting rider. Rest in peace.

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I'm not really a racing fan, but I saw this on the news. Its tragic to see someone so young die. RIP.

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Difference between this and the Wheldon crash was that I saw it live. Shattering. cryani.gif



I had that sick feeling when I saw the replay like 3 times on tv. sad.gif

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I've been grown my hair since in tribute to him. Great loss, tragic.


Pirro's win for griseni at the last round in the MOTO2 and the tribute was tear jerking.

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