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IV suddenly not working anymore


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Hi everyone,


I'm getting very frustrated out here mad.gif


Started IV, while it was starting (always takes a moment or two) I opened Task Manager.

I went to Processes, and right-clicked IV. I wanted to check the affinity of GTAIV.exe

Just when I was about to click 'Set Affinity', the game's window popped up.


No problem, I'll check it another time.

Turns out: IV suddenly says 'GTAIV stopped working' before I could press 'Start'.

I thought, probably because of what I just did. So, I started it again: same message!

And now I get this error over and over! angry.gif


Sure, I've got dozens of mods. But that's not the cause.

I haven't changed my mods since a few weeks now, so removing them doesn't help (already removed ENB).


Does anyone know what to do?

I'm about the reinstall IV, hope that helps cryani.gif


Thanks in advance,



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A random thought






Go here are and delete all files that relate to GTAVI.exe, LaunchGTAIV.exe.

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