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Toni Cipriani's Chronicles in San Andreas


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This mission pack is about Toni Cipriani's life in 2004, 3 years after events of GTA III.


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2004, the powerful Leones conquered whole Portland and half of Staunton. But, well, they need more influence. And they remembered a trick that happened to be with Sal Leone, former Don of Leones that's already dead, so, they moved to San Andreas, led by Joey Leone, nowadays Don, Roberto Leone, Underdon of Leones and Toni Cipriani, Capo of Leones and right hand of Roberto.


You see San Andreas through Toni's eyes. Toni need to remember how to hold a gun, and Joey will help him.


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Along with Toni, Joey and Roberto, there are few other characters.


Leonardo "Leo" Cipriani - Younger brother of Toni.

Michael Goterelli-Leone - Roberto's son, step-brother of Luigi Goterelli, Capo of Goterelli аamily.

Luigi Goterelli - Michael's brother, Underdon of Goterelli family.

Alessandro "Alex" Goterelli-Kassini - Luigi's son, Capo of Goterelli family.

Mark Kassini - Grandfather of Alex, Underdon of Kassini family.

Don Alessio Goterelli - Don of Goterelli family.

Don Bernardo Kassini - Don of Kassini family.

Alessandro "Alex" Forelli - Don of Forelli family.

Antonio Sindacco - Don of Sindacco family.

Mikhail Favorin - Leader of Russian Mafia in San Andreas.


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Chapter 1 - An arrival to San Andreas


Joey and Leones are moving to San Andreas to conquer the whole state.


Chapter 2 - Forelli business


Toni and Roberto connect with Alex Forelli to group a whole big family.


Chapter 3 - Kassini Family


After Los Santos failure, Toni, Roberto and Mark are moving to San Fierro to see Don Bernardo Kassini.


Chapter 4 - Traitor/War with Kassini


Toni either works with Kassini or against them.


Chapter 5 - Ended the Connection


Time to kill Bernardo Kassini and Alex Forelli.


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Chapter 1 - An arrival to San Andreas: 0% (0 missions out of 7)

(more coming soon... )




Here you'll see trailers, gameplay videos and reviews.


Mods required to play


Skin Pack(you'll need Claude from here to play the storyline)




UNRATED69, for the logo and headers he made

XTREME0235, for the logo that will appear at DYOM page

EitsforEli and _FgF_, for their attempts

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This sounds pretty good. Hope you will stick with this. Good Luck man icon14.gif

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Thanks for your feedbacks, guys. I'll start working today, or tomorrow, I think.


Also, added Credits section, logo and headers(thanks to UNRATED69)

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Dead isn't it...

The Designer's Lounge is open 24/7 and you can ask weather a MP is dead or not, there in that thread. :^:


Now thanks to you, this nice thread (Although useless) has to be locked. :/

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