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San Andreas Retail vs. Steam SA


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First off, not sure where to put this, but I think the General section is the best place?


Alright, after reading about the Steam version(V3) not being compatible with the Retail(DVD) version, and the since Steam had SA for only $3 and some change, I got it and tried it out-Not only did it recognize ALL my saves from the Retail(DVD) version, but they loaded perfectly...I did nothing to the User Files folder in Documents from the DVD version(both versions use the same User Files folder)...This test was done on an HP DV7 with Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel I5 @2.53GHZ with up to 2.93GHZ w/ Turbo Boost, 6GB DDR3 ram, an ATI Radeon HD5470 w/512MB vram/Intel HD w/3223mb vram(switchable graphics)...Here is the video to prove it:


Even my Real-Names mod worked great-as did Dem's/Hmvartak's Mission Passer's code tool...As you can see from the video, this was a Chain Game save used during the test...So, now V3 players are able to join in on the Chain Game...


I just proved myself wrong in past posts about this, as well as everyone else whom said the same thing.. tounge2.giflol.gif Just a heads up on the compatibilty of the Steam and Retail saves...

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Great Job. It seems like San Andreas finds are never going to end. I'm glad this will create a lot of opportunities for the steam players out there.




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