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GTA IV Off Roading Guide

Cartel Cruiser

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Cartel Cruiser

Hello everyone! (: This guide is going to be a complete guide about Off roading in GTA IV in this topic i will be listing a few cars who fit the job, their performance data, location were abouts, and i will list their pros and cons. I will also list some key spots were you can take your 4-wheel vehicle off roading. So w/o futher or do i guess we will start ! [:


*The places suitable for off roading is the Rocks on the beach in broker (firefly island)

*Theres a little park in Dukes near Packie's house that has alot of obstacles and rocks.

*My favorite is in Alderny. Its the ocean/beach that faces towards algonquin. This beach is alot of fun. Its really long, alot of rocks, water obstacles, and hill climbing.


So i will start with my Favorite.. The Mammoth Patriot. I actually own 4 of them all sporting unique colors (Ultramarine, Yellow, Pewter, and Dark Grey)


So the Patriot is the granddaddy of off roading. Its based on the 2003-2009 Hummer H2. I think the patriot might have a 6.2 L V8 considering its based off the hummer H2. So as you know Hummer's cars are made for off roading.. Well Mammoth (which is the hummer brand) made their vehicles off road ready and luxury.

Pros: Well handling, tough, go anywhere feeling, quite fast once it gets going.

Cons: Unusally wide, large turning radius, in some places it hard to park, its large size is annoying when going down tight roads, bad braking.


So the patriot has good sharp approach and departure angles, very well 4wheel drive

system, high ground clearence, and a tough engine. The patriot can be found pretty much



Off roading now: as mentioned above, the patriot has many good off roading perks such as high ground clearence, sharp approach and departure angles and a tough strong engine. The one problem especially with rock climbing is that, because the Patriot is so tall and heavy, the chances of flipping over and losing balance increase. While the patriot also has good ground clearence the Patriot is rather tricky in terms of water. Theres not exact way of telling how much water the patriot can take. So one must be caution when driving near water. Apart from that the patriot recieves a 5 outa 5 star rating. The patriot sometimes comes without a Chrome Step bar try and get that patriot it does affect off roading.


Next we have the Huntley Sport. It can be found pretty much anywhere. Brucie has one.

Pros: Fast strong engine, sport design, light weight.

Cons: Tends to flip over alot when traveling at high speeds, occupants are highly vulnerable to gunfire do to large windows, low ground clearence provides a problem for off roading.


Off roading in the huntley sport wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Its strong engine helped it up rocks and sandy hills. It also has good traction control. Overall the huntley is good for off roading. The only problem is that the low ground clearence will cause the lower end of the car to get a bunch of scrapes and dents. Another problem is that the huntley wont be able to take on water because of its low height. Over all the huntley recieves a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Next we move to the Rebla. It can be found in hove beach (driven by russian mafia)

Pros: light structure, fast reliable engine, four seating, sporty design

Cons: tends to flip at high speeds, weak construction, large windows provide a problem during gun fights.


The Rebla is based on the 2002 Porshe Cayenne, and likes its real life counterpart the Rebla is fast as hell. Now i took it off roading and it was rather disappointing. Its low clearence provides the rebla with many scrapes and dings when climbing rocks and other terrain such as water. Its engine also doesnt have enough power to climb up rocks. So the rebla is more suited for on road driving, off roading isnt something to go runnin on home about but overall the rebla gets a 3.5 out of 5


The Cavalcade. It is based on the 2009 Cadillac Escalade. It can be found anywhere but mainly im Bohan and Alderny City (driven by Spanish Lords)

Pros: four passenger seating, strong V8, has unique rims, good handling, rather fast once it gets going.

Cons: Heavy, hard to park in tight spaces, decent ground clearence.


The Cavalcade truely blew my away. It has enough power to drive up rocks, hills ect. The only problem is the ground clearence but that is forgiven considering its not as low as other cars but still provides trouble for water situations. The rear can be a bit tricky and heavy but its still a good car. It comes with or without a step bar, so try and look for a cavalcade w/o a Step bar. The Cavalcade recieves a 5 out of 5


So those are some of the SUV that i tested. Overall not that bad.


Let me know something i missed or you have something to say so i can add


Thanks for reading Future Off-Roaders.


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lord tammerlain

The Rebla is the BMW X5 not the Porsche


I personally like taking the Rancher to the beach by the Amusement park beach area with a two star police chase rating. Watching the police cars mess themselves up in the sand while the Rancher handles very well. Great ground clearance, but not as fast as the Patriot. Probably the best off roader overrall though

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Cartel Cruiser

Ahh yes i forgot about the Rancher... such a hard truck.


And i think the rebla is a cross between the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5 so im not sure lol

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