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Hey lads, could I get some headers for the new Gang Roleplay which I am making? I'd also like a logo of a very cliche Liberty City skyline with


Gangs of Liberty

Do you have what it takes to succeed?


The "Do you have what it takes to succeed?" part should be a subtitle to the logo.


You can also use any type of IV gang screenshot (keep in mind I don't mean "gangsta" gangs, just criminal syndicates)


And some generic headers with no special font and just some coloring, probably just gray, something very neutral saying:





Starting Out

Making Your Way Up

Creating a Gang

How Gangs Grow


Health Care and Deaths



Drug Dealing

The City Council




Player Information


And please send me a Photoshop format of the headers so that if I wish to change them in the future I don't have to annoy you.


As always, credits shall be given to ALL who contribute.

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user posted image





I made a different style, but if you like it I'll make the headers. I can also change the font.


Narcis, I was also gonna use that font. You beat me to it. lol.gif


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Narcis has made a great design. SOrry to the rest, you will be credited for your time and effort though. I am very grateful.

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