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Favourite Vehicle


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My favourite is the Patriot because of how many benefits it has: It's fast, tough and good looking (although the Huntley looks better IMO). I also like the Infernus, Comet, Sultan (RS), Cavalcade, Huntley and Perennial (to GTA III fans, it's now a futuristic minivan as opposed to a rusty old station wagon).


The Annihilator is my favourite helicopter (like everyone else).

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Favourite sports car - Infernus.

Favourite four door car - Oracle. I don't know what it is about that car that makes me like it, I think it's because it seems very business like to me. cool.gif

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Cynical Penguin

I am a fan of the Turismo and Sultan RS, but I always found the Sultan RS had bad handling, so the Turismo is on the top of my list.

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I don't mind the Sultan RSs, what pisses me off is the typical 14 year old you find in matches with them. They're always wanting to race and sh*t and it's annoying. What me and my mates do is essentially kill them, and blow up the car... or just blow up the car. Those kids gotta learn what a real car is. Like my favorites, the PMs and Cognoscentis. True class in those. The green ruiners whenever I feel Irish-Mobish, the Futos drive well, the regular Sultans are badass as well.

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