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CSI Miami's Horatio Caine


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Somebody asked for me to upload the skins I created for the "CSI Miami Meets GTA 4" video I did a while back.. so, here is Horatio for all to enjoy.

Replaces the MM_Enforcer model with new Caruso face textures and a brand new Miami-authentic outfit.

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looks nice but his hair isn't THAT red.

user posted image

you need to mix blonde with little bit of reddish.

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I guess he...

*wears sunglasses*

...missed out on the details.


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It isn't a perfect match, but it does at least resemble Horatio. There's two different face textures that come with this, wasn't quite sure which looked closer to Caruso so I put em both in. The hair is a little.. off.. I admit.


Anyways, hope that whoever requested this off me on YouTube enjoys it smile.gif



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