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Police Chatter


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Seems like a tradition in GTA but will they have it in this one?

I never noticed it in GTA IV. Maybe I'm deaf

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Well they definitely should improve it. In Need For Speed most wanted, the cops would note when I took out their vehicles and road blocks, would request backup, sounded apprehensive and scared and sometimes confident, and even had chatter during the cooldown. GTA IV has a bored sounding guy just naming your crime and saying "Dispatch X units to (location here)", and that's it. They really need to work on that. In need for speed most wanted, it actually felt like they gave a sh*t about catching me, and the chases were actually exciting and tense. Hell, even mafia II had good police chatter acting. In GTA IV the dispatch channel has no passion, not even humor which Vice City had on its dispatch. And chases are less exciting as a result, though that's not helped by the cops driving like they just got drunk.

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Original Light

Of course there going to have it, unless they choose to slack off. They have had it even in the GTA III era, excluding the portable versions of GTA. It adds an element of realism to the game, which is good if R* want to go in that direction.

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If you refer to police on the beat, memories of SA come to mind, or you refer to police radios in cars, it's all a needed element, let's face it, but what would prompt you to create a thread over it? It's just one small aspect of filling the world they create via audio of the game. I'd like to see that Surround is utilized, all systems supporting Digital 6 channel for example, creating an enveloping environment if it's recorded well, or it's mixed in a way it sounds natural, for another

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The police radio in VC was great it was even in spanish i loved that. inlove.gif


GTAIVs police radio SUCKED DICK and me and my friends make fun of how lame and cut-and-paste it sounds


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You'll recall using a squad car computer and hearing the chatter, not that eventful, but to me, what is, is that the environment around you slows, somewhat, and it's still happening real-time. For example, as you activate the computer to use a photo or typed in name, before you get in the car to do that, cause a scene, shoot things, blow things up, then get on the computer and see how things go in that virtual setting, it's unique I think

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