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Bad performance outside of buildings


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Yesterday I have purchased GTA IV from GamersGate (that 10th anniversary sale), and today I got to play it.

When I launched the game GFWL asked to patch the game, so I let it download and then I installed the patch. So please assume that I have the latest version, whichever it is.


The game runs very smoothly in the safehouse and inside other buildings, but outside, when walking or driving, especially when I make turns, the game freezes, stutters, you name it. It's painfully, almost unplayably slow.


I have a fairly decent computer:


Intel Q6600

2GB DDR 2 667Mhz

NVIDIA GTS 250 1GB (game says it uses 760MB of VRAM at max settings, but lowering to minimum actually makes it run slower!)


I was able to play the BF3 beta almost decently, and I can play all other games perfectly. Now, this game doesn't look as good as other modern games, but it runs so much worse than absolutely everything else I've tried.


Now, I realize this is a common problem, and would like to know what commands or whatever I should try.

Also, where do I type the commands?

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A agree on you about the other games, and crappy graphics... I can playblur, mw2, bf3 beta, and even crysis with little to no lag, but gta iv... wtf... lol

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Triple Penetration

Run the benchmark from settings. If you have FPS outcome of 17-25fps or more, consider you have the maximum from your system. If it's lower, then here's a problem.


I know, because I had similar system, which I sold for PS3.

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With patches and a good commandline Gta IV runs very well.

It has nothing to do with the other games with more graphics, GTA IV constantly loading the map, which is very large indeed, cars, people and everything in the city.

The best thing you can do is settle the patches manually, and stay in version, because other patches kill performance.

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Your system is enough for low/medium settings, the recommended for Vista/7 is 2.5 GB RAM, that might be the problem.


Remove and reinstall the game and use patch, also try commandline.

Besides that, there isn't much you can do. IV is just a very bad port and you really need a very powerful system to run it decently turn.gif

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OK, and where are the save files?


BTW, I was able to get a smooth performance out of the latest version. Should I still revert to 1.0.4?

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I am getting smooth performance (besides small hiccups now and then) with View Distance set to the absolute minimum (1), as is Distance Detail or whatever it's called. Game still looks OK, and I don't care much about graphics anyway.

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