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GTAGarage approval


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Link to my mod, Vehicle CleoSpeed-Pack.


First version was uploaded on 10th of September, and since that, I've already released two new versions of the mod, and I'm still waiting for approval of the mod. The pictures are approved though. I asked from Have A Question V2 what should I do, and I got directed here.


And, as far as I know, the mod-pack should be fine:



Submit your own mods only If any other author has been involved (this includes Total Conversions and 'mod packs'), please gain their permission to release the mod, and be sure to credit them where applicable. Do not upload mods 'for' anyone else. Respect your fellow modder! Failure to comply will lead to a permanent ban from the network.


Yes, every mod made by myself, even though there might be small code-snippets by various of authors, but each code-snippet has came through various people.



No compilations of mods, or included tools We do not accept packages of existing mods, nor archives that are submitted with existing tools in them, as this creates unnecessary duplicates that clutter the database. Where possible, simply provides links in a readme to download locations for other mods and tools.


Yes, same as previous.



No external links Do not post download links to Rapidshare/Megaupload/etc, nor images hosted on free hosting websites like Imageshack - all these files and images will expire over time, leaving dead links on GTAGarage - therefore such links will be removed. All files and screenshots must be hosted at GTAGarage.




Mediafire links to version 1.0 and 2.0 supplied due to long approval time, but will be removed soon.



No conversions Any files converted between games, especially from GTAIV to other GTAs, must have some creative input from the author. We are not here to host files that are already available on discs in shops. If you wish to help people convert content, please write a tutorial and post it at GTAForums.com.





Keep different versions together If you are uploading a new version of a mod, please update the original mod's Version field, and add the new version as an additional file to that mod.





Descriptions in English Submit your mods in English (or at least provide a translation), and use proper punctuation and grammar. Turn OFF Caps Lock, and don't forget to use a spell checker!


Should be easy to read, if not, then I can re-do that part.

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Suction Testicle Man

Sorry about the delay, it should be approved now.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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