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Problem with Sannybuilder


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I have got a problem with SannyBuilder.It's official homepage says that it should work with any of the 3d GTA games, and I want to use it for VC CLEO scripting, but when I try to open CLEO file when the game directory is set where the VC is located, all I got is an error reading : Wrong game directory!

Does anyone knows solution for this?

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Look in the bottom right corner of Sanny and you will see this:



user posted image


Make sure it says "GTA:VC", if it doesnt click it and change it to GTA:VC, then click tools --> options, like so:


user posted image


Then change the game directory to vc:


user posted image


I'd tick "Always overwrite output file" so when you compile you dont get multiple files clogging your dir up, plus it saves you having to rename them when wanting to use them.


Now try and open your cleo file and it should open perfectly!

Press F6 to compile a CLEO file (.cs) and F7 to compile a SCM Main file (.scm)

If you press F7 on a cleo script, it overwrites the MAIN and your game wont load so be careful.


Hope this helped icon14.gif

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First, click on where it says GTA:SA with the little icon in the first image and change it to VC. Otherwise you'll get the same error. You need to change it so SB is looking for the VC files instead of SA ones! sly.gif


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