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Stuck on installation


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Hello wuts good fellow gta fans i got a problem... let me start by saying i have windows7 i brought the game from gamestop DIGITAL DOWNLOAD i extracted the setup.exe from the site now when i try to install it it extracts all the files from the setup exe then prompts me to join the rockstar social club one i click this it dissapears and the rockstar social club download does not initiate so i manually downloaded it and it still wont pass that part of the setup so i can actually install the game does anyone knoe a way around this?

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Please post the REQUIRED information from the Pinned Trouble shooting topic, as posted by Justin(a Moderator):


What is the Processor?

What is the Processor speed?

What is the RAM?

What is the Video card?

What is the VRAM?

How much VRAM dedicated?

How much VRAM total?

Do you have the latest SP for Windows 7, which is SP1?

Do you have any Daemon tools or similar programs on your computer?-if so, get rid of them, as they can interfere with games..


Please answer ALL the above questions, so we can better help you...

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usually when posting a good thing to keep in mind is proper punctuation and even letter caps as those increase readability add sense to it and help dictate its flow as you will usually want to keep your readers interested not having to decode the big pile of text will divert peoples attention toward the actual issue now to the part of your problem some screenshots would be nice and also post the link of what you downloaded and installed a move in the right direction would be to contact gamestop as they sold you this package have a nice day

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