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Turn on/off car engine in VC


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02D4: car $2696 turn_off_engine



So everybody knows this opcode turns off players car vehicle engine. And is there a opposite thing towards it, i mean a way to turn ON engine after using an opcode above? I know there is no opcode for that, so maybe memory hack or something? ...Yeah, yeah i know in SA it is simply possible but this is VC, and it has no newer version of CLEO on example and that means no new opcodes ;/



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Not that I know of, no. I actually have been looking for the same thing these past few days, with no luck. Right now we're going to have to settle with exiting and entering back in the car to turn the engine back on.




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I had the player character teleport out of the vehicle and teleport back into it to turn the engine back on. I don't know how to edit through memory though.

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Thanks You all guys for so many constructive replies wink.gif I'll try this posted sollution, I actually did it once but by the first attempt it didn't work, game hanged, unhandled exception and all this sh*t, and by lack of time I left it as it is. Maybe today I'll try to do it again and I hope I'll finally make it work, I will definitely type some posts if I won't be able to make it right and working, once again thanks for efforts and I hope that I'll get more helpful tips from You If I won't be able to manage it myself smile.gif

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