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Make Rnchlure spawn


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So,for personal reasons,i need peds to drive those rnchlures(rancher from lure mission). But it don't work! I tried putting peds to drive them using GTASA ULTIMATE EDITOR,but it still doesn't work! So,what file to edit so peds do drive it?

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First, you must have administrator rights on your computer.

Second, Edit these files on your data folder, search for "vehicles.ide" it can be opened with Notepad and find the ID 505 which is rnchlure and change the word "ignore" to "normal". and change the number next to normal to "10" save changes. also the "cargrp.dat" can be opened with Notepad and insert it on any popcycle group, It can be inserted even on Grove Street Families (gang 2) for easier sight, add this line "rnchlure" after "voodoo" so it can be like this: greenwoo, savanna, voodoo, rnchlure. save changes, launch the gta sa and homies will drive it!! :)

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