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Favourite Radio Station


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Here are mine:



-Flashback 95.6

-Rise FM



GTA Vice City:

-Flash FM

-Wave 103



GTA San Andreas:

-Radio Los Santos


-Bounce FM



-Radio Broker

-The Beat 102.7

-San Juan Sounds

-The Classics 104.1

-Electro-Choc FM




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Los Santos Radio, K-DST;

Vladivostok FM;

Game FM

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Grand Theft Auto III: Double Clef FM, Flashback, Head Radio, Lips 106, Chatterbox

Grand Theft Auto Vice City: WILDSTYLE, Flash FM, VRock, Radio Espantoso, Emotion 98.3, Wave 103

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: WCTR, Master Sounds 98.3, K-Rose, SF-UR

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories: Double Clef FM, Flashback FM, LCFR

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories: Flash FM, Emotion 98.3, VRock, Radio Espantoso, Wave 103

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2: Head Radio

III: Game FM, Head Radio, Chatterbox FM

VC: Emotion 98.3, Radio Espantoso, VCPR, V-ROCK

SA: K-DST, K-Rose, Master Sounds 98.3, Playback FM, Radio Los Santos, Radio X

LCS: LCFR, Double Clef FM, Liberty Jam (LCS had by far the worst soundtrack)

VCS: Emotion 98.3, Espantoso, V-ROCK, VCPR

IV: Fusion FM, IF99, JNR 108.5, Liberty Rock Radio, Radio Broker, Vladivostok FM


Top five:

1. VCPR (VC)

2. Radio Los Santos (SA)

3. K-Rose (SA)

4. Liberty Rock Radio (IV)

5. Radio Espantoso (VC)

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I'm going to list my absolute favorite from each, as I've already posted elsewhere what radio stations I like:





GTALCS: Lips 106

GTAVCS: Emotion 98.3

GTAIV: Integrity 2.0


TBOGT: Vice City FM

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GTA 3:MSX FM, Rise Fm, Flashback 98.3

GTA VC:V Rock, VCPR, Wave 103

GTA SA:Master Sounds 98.3, SF-UR, CSR 109

GTA LCS:MSX 98, Head Radio, LCFR

GTA VCS:V Rock, VCFL Radio, Paradise Fm

GTA 4:The Vibe, LCHC, Electro-Choc, The Beat(LCHC typed 2 times)

GTA CTWAlchemist, Praire Cartel, DJ Khalil

Thats all.

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Liberty City Stories: Rise FM, Flashback FM, LCFR

Grand Theft Auto IV: Vladivostok FM, JNR, Liberty Rock Radio

Grand Theft Auto III: Double Cleff FM, Chatterbox

San Andreas: K-Rose, K-DST

Vice City: K-Chat, VCFR, V-Rock

Episodes From Liberty City: Liberty Rock Radio, LCHC


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I just can't can't get the line "This is Maurice Chavez and you're listening to V-C-P-R" out of my head, that radiostation was so hillarious I laughed my...uhhh dozingoff.gif backside off when I heard it for the first time...


I'll rank VCPR( from vice city) as my favorite and K-Rose from SA following closely behind.. I have been a country music fan ever since I played SA .. hadn't heard it much before.. tounge.gif

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GTA III: Chatterbox, Double Clef, Rise FM, Lips

Vice City: Emotion, Flash, Wave, Espantoso

San Andreas: Radio X, K-DST, Radio Los Santos

LCS: Radio Del Mundo, Rise, Liberty Jam

VCS: Flash, Emotion, Wave, Espantoso

IV/EFLC: Radio Broker, The Beat, LCHC (original version), Liberty Rock Radio, Vladivostock (original version)




1) Chatterbox

2) Emotion

3) Radio X

4) K-DST

5) Radio Del Mundo

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On the topic of VCPR, I remember the first time I played VC, I stole a boat and listened to the whole radio station while at sea. It seemed like the city went on forever, but I was just a teenager back then, so yeah everything looked much bigger. smile.gif If I had played SA first, I'm sure I would have died of an awesome-induced orgasm.

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