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EFLC, modding and a problem


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Hey! I just installed the game and got it to patch I followed some instructions and installed scripthook .net, the latest version.

After I did that I just simply installed the mod (1.3), after reading the readme file that told me to do so.


When I am ingame, I get this:











System specs and some info:

gfx: 560 ti

cpu: i5 2500

ram: 8gb

OS: windows 7 64 bit

resolution: 1980x1020

game version: EFLC







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Haven't you seen the big yellow letters at the top of this page? wink.gif


But, go to the enbconfig.ini or the iceconfig.ini and lower the NightLightIntensity (I believe that's how it's called) by 1 or 2 (so from e. g. 4.5 --> 3.0) and see if it helps.

Also, you could try the Display Settings in the game menu smile.gif

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