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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Change the savelocation of savegames, videos etc.

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How to create a symbolic link.




(Only works on Windows Vista/7)





What is it good for and what exactly does it?



This Tutorial is for all the people who are tired of seeing their precious SSDs or high end HDs getting filled up with videos or savegmaes from GTA IV. There is a quite simple and elegant workaround for this and the best thing is, it works for almost every other file on your pc too!


But let me first explain what a symbolic link does before we get to the tutorial itself. A symbolic link is basically a redirection, working almost like a normal desktop shortcut, the difference is that your pc is the one using it automatically without you doing anything. This is usefull if you want to move files to a different location but an application needs them, normaly forcing you to go the hard way and leaving the files where they are, like savegames or videos in GTA IV.




How to:



Step one: First copy your Rockstar Games folder (The one containing your savegmes and videos, not the folder conataining the actual game) to the location where you want to have your files stored, for example: "D:\Rockstar Games".


Step two: Delete your original Rockstar Games folder  (Again the one containing your savegmes and videos, not the folder conataining the actual game  colgate.gif ). Mine is located in "C:\Users\UserXY\Documents" since I'm using Xliveless.


Step three: Open CMD (Click start and then type cmd into the searchbox, rightclick the CMD.exe and select "run as administrator") and type in the following:


cd "C:\Users\UserXY\Documents"  the path has to be the same as the one where your Rockstar Games folder was located (the one you deleted). Again I'm using XLiveless, so your path could be different.

IMPORTANT! don't add "Rockstar Games" to the path! Just type in where once the folder was located.

If you have done it right, then it should look like this after you've hit enter(It's in German but you should get the picture(What a wordplay colgate.gif) ):




user posted image



Step four:

Now you have to tell your pc where he should look for the moved file, so we have to create the symbolic link now.

To do so, you just have to type this into CMD:


mklink/d "Rockstar Games" "D:\Rockstar Games"


Some explanation: mklink/d is just the command to create a directory symbolic link(d does not refer to a drive, so don't change that!).

                            "Rockstar Games" is the name of the symbolic link you're going to create.

                            "D:\Rockstar Games" is the path to where you have moved the folder, keep in mind that if you have chosen  another

                             location that you have to enter the correct path!

Now hit enter, if you have done everything correctly, then it should look like this:



user posted image



Step five: You're done! Have fun recording all the videos you want without bloating your main HD smile.gif

And this works for almost every other file on your pc, just change the path for any other file you want to move. Everything else works exactly like described above.

Edited by T.A.Z

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