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To Cheat or not to cheat?

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for me, personally, cheating isn't worth it. there are often some tips and tricks you can find to pass the missions WITHOUT CHEATING.

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I dont cheat, never

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Kmeto 2

Cheats in GTA IV are imo useless. But when you finish the game and you have nothing to do, simple native trainer can bring some new fun.

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Hello There, 

I created a play utility with list of cheats. I would like to test it and if you can give me suggestions what would be most usefull cheats in it. 



Thank you, 



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This game as easy as a pie. No need for cheats. 

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Worst thing happened to me two days ago when I decided to cheat at the bank robbery and filled up my health per phone (and the notification about the wasted achievements popped up) when I was one shot away from dying... The thing is, I wasn't shot once after appyling the cheat and it spawned the assumption of me being able to make the mission just at that attempt without cheating but I know that i wouldn't be that confident without the cheat but still quite weird especially when you're high 

YOLO also accidentally killed Badman after that in the mission with the russians in the alleyway (was trying to simply drive through and over the opponents), what a stroke of integrity gain I usually always try to make a perfect run but at the verge of being 27 you just think f*ck that sh*t it's just a game lol

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My first full playthrough i couldn't figure out how to kill all the people in street sweeper without sone body getting away and i started using cheats and just couldn't stop afterwords. I don't think it impeded my experience in any way, because i was mostly in it for the story and i just wanted to progress— but i will tell you, I just did my first real replay back in february with no cheats whatsoever and it was very satisfying, like, beating Three Leaf Clover without a single replay. I felt so powerful. It was crazy. So if you do use cheats, it doesn't really matter. You can get a lot of achievements with them on anyways. 

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Not to cheat as it can mess up your playthrough. I recommend using cheats without saving the game. As it may affect the game

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