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I am a rockstar employee AMA


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Hey yall,


I can't verify if this guy is actually an employee, and we have seen this before with other people claimning to be R* employees, but I was hoping some of you in the know could jump over to reddit and ask some questions and see if this guy is legit and will if he will answer some Q's about V.




He was still answering questions up to 1 hour ago.

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Sunrise Driver

Fake and gay.


I did ask once why they didn't port to PC and it's because of these reasons:


• Piracy is the main one reason and pretty much the only one


• Small(er) market


• Cost

Bullsh*t. 2 upcoming games say otherwise.


And of course higher powers at R* didn't let him be anywhere near Agent and GTA V. dozingoff.gif

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It seems everyone works for Rockstar these days. And what's even more sad is that people believe them.



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