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{PLZ HELP]Why do mods murder my fps on a 2011 pc?


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My pc sucks, but the game is 6 freaking years old. it should run at 900,000 fps...


I only have car mods and a few skins.. Why is it freezelagging on lowest graphic settngs with 0 draw distance?


dual core 2.4 ghz

2 gig ram, plus more paged

onboard GMA 3100 with 270 mb of vram

windows 7


I can run the sims 3, wow, swtor

Not many thia-gen games because of my crap video card, but SA is from 2005! What are the minimuum specs? 256 mb of ram? COMMON... lol


How can i fix it? I don't want to play without custom content.. I like lambourghinis, ferraris, better graphics, baggy pants, and better shirts


If it wasnt for mods, I'd just buy it for xbox because the driving controls suck on PC! I want my lambourghinis and clothes!

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We don't Fix modded games in this part of the Forums.


If the game worked before and you have changed OS or Screen settings, If your system upgraded anything (drivers, etc) Delete the GTA_SA.set File. (The GTA_SA.set file is recreated at the end of each game play session. It contains OS data that may no longer be relevant.)

Are you playing the game in Vista/Win7 using

W98 (or XP) compatibility mode,

with Administrative Privileges?


And... before people here begin investing a lot of time trying to fix a possible NO-FIX situation:

What Version (retail, steam, other online store) Edition 1, 2, 3?)

Details of How you are playing:

1. With the Original DVD in the Drive?

2. OR are you Using a No-CD crack? (There is No fix to be found on this Forum.)

3. OR are you Using a 'backup' disc? (Fix is to use the Original DVD.)

4. OR do you have a Downloaded game from Direct2Drive, or SteamPowered.com

5. If none of the above, then what is the origin of your game? (Please be specific, as otherwise there may not be a fix to found on this Forum.)


Clean out all the Mods. Play the game to be sure it works properly.

Then you may reinstall your mods One at a time. Install a mod, play the game to see if it works (the game). install the next mod and play the game. When you get to the mod that screws the game don't use it. Or go to the Modding forums for help with it.

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We know it's an old game but what you're failing to realize is that the mods that you have added are stretching your system's limit. The game will work flawlessly without the mods, no doubt. But adding mods means it requires more resources, specifically graphic resources that your weak video card is unable to provide and hence the lag. I suggest you postpone using modifications until you get a dedicated video card.

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