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Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny?

Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny?  

144 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes

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Yeah they are hilarious and awesome. Tommy is easily one of the best GTA protagonists, Rockstar did a great job with him & Ray Liotta delivered as well.

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Some of them are. Most aren't.

The sarcastic "Thank you!" when picking up money, and "At least I don't own this piece of crap." when crashing a car are funny because they make a play on the game title and theme, but the "I did your wife" isn't because it's just a generic insult.

Edited by Yinepi

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"Blame my mother i do"

" Your as boring as the other guy"

"Whats your wife doing you pork bastard"


Overall i think the whole games well scripted, the peds reactions to Tommy or situations are funny too.


The 2 guys who stand outside the bus, they also drive a van if Tommy punches the van they both get out you usually hear "Nut job" or " somebody call the police"

The security guard has a good response to Tommy when he fires a gun " i will stick my foot so far up your arse"

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The Coconut Kid

I liked how they were often quick witted and intelligent and didn't rely on vulgarity.

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The one that cracks me up is the one from Jury Fury.


"Dumb, Florida, Moron."

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Tao Cheng

Sonny Forelli's first dialogue is funnier than any of Tommy's one liners.

My favorite when he says "MMMMMM Nice Bike!" sounds like those construction workers in GTA3 that be like "In the navy!" and "My toolbox!"

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I quite like them, some aren't funny but a lot of the time they are good. I actually think Tommy Vercetti was probably the coolest GTA protagonist, along with the most badass.Claude was kinda cool because he didn't speak.Carl Johnson was just dumb and not fun to play as.Niko Bellic was alright I guess, he was a hardass but nothing special.Johnny Kiblitz, I honestly thought he was a f*cking pussy and not that fun. Actually I saw him as everything an outlaw biker really isn't seeing as how he wanted to do most things the peaceful way.Luis Lopez, he was ok but not the greatest. The Gay Tony story line didn't make much sense and was quite random at times. Not only that but he let people sh*t on him.Due note these are just all my own personal humble opinions.

IDT that one liners from Tommy is legendary, or even funny.

T. got no taste for pretty words like The Truth cholo !

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Hmmm nice bike

"Dumb...Florida...moron" is pretty much what comes to mind whenever someone from Florida ends up on the news for doing something crazy or stupid.

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