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Chopper vs. Chopper


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Chopper vs Chopper, Lost & Damned mission as I recall. Anyways its a great mission if both parties cooporate for the whole mission. I was playing a stranger player online. 1 player has the Annihilator with exploding bullets, the 2nd player has a chopper and has to make it to a certain point on the map for cash points. Then when you take out the rider, it switches you to the bike. So I played back and fourth until we both had about $4500 with a stop game goal of $5000, the next time he was on a bike he ducked into the car tunnel between Alderny and Algonquin. As far as I know I can't leave the helicopter for too long and I can't take out the rider if he stays in the tunnel. devil.gif After 15 minutes I gave up and left the game. They got their $4500 and I got ripped off of mine. angry.gif It's a frigging low down ultimate douche bag move. If 1 player is idle or off the general direction of the game it should end and the unresponsive player should be left without. monocle.gif

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can you do the underground glitch in chopper vs chopper?

Yes and in Chopper VS Chopper your helicopter is indestructible so you can noobishly ram players and not even damage the helicopter and if you get stuck hold the enter/exit vehicle button/key and it spawns your helicopter again.

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