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Forum rules for gang recuiting


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Is it against forum rules to advertise for a gang that is ran from the gta forums? Im thinking making a post in the multiplayer section to recuit players but dont want to fall foul of the mods. Is this against the rules?


Oh well since its not been locked I might as well take the time to get the message across.......


Fed up getting bullied by high ranks in multiplayer? Your favourite game type always empty? The Damned MC are open for recruiting.We are a ps3 gang who play autoaim disallow. Go to the the gangs section look up our post.We play various game types and are mix of ages and nationalities.We compete in the GTA forums gang league and encourge the development of new game types and events.


3 requirements.


Age not an issue but immature behavour will not be tolerated.

We will expect you to play autoaim disallow.

No time wasters.

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Not sure bro, but your best bet would be to PM anyone in the looking for a gang section

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If this is a serious plan with a serious following?...... then yes! im up for it mate.

I know i dont play GTA all that much anymore, but that doesn't mean any love i have for it has faded smile.gif

im game cool.gif



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Well well well from the darkness comes a shining beacon of hope biggrin.gif Kaiser make you way over to the gang section brother. biggrin.gif

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kaiser it would be an honour to have you part of the "gang" based on here, hopefully we can bring together some of the best and fairest GTA players into the Damned group.


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