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Water Company Job


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I'm just wondering what people think of this job. Is it a good one? Anyone here ever worked at one? Give me details.

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And now we play the waiting game...

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Helps if you post the job details, as no-one's got a clue what your talking about.

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Become a fireman...bitches love firemen.

And you get to snog, I mean resuscitate them sometimes to.

But tbh, a job's a job, go get it, oh, and stop going by what others think and lead your own life.

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If this is a full time job, then you need to get a job that you love. If you don't like to work for a water company, then don't take it.


If you are a teen and you need a part time job, then you just go take any job that is offered to you.

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Yea, the water deptartment has lots of jobs.

Manuel trenching.

Heavy Equipment (Backhoe, etc.)

Meter Reading.

Maintenance (Hydrants)

Office Staff.



Pipe layers.


Generally Any Government job is considered worthy, (Union membership may be good, or not depending on the mob that controls it.)


Current Wage and possible advancement within the organization is to be considered.

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Right here our water meter are wireless and they're place on the outside

of the building. All they have to do is use meter reader, do a scan and all the

info they need is right there.





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