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placing a changing room radio on the main map


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i am making a TC mod (or trying to anyways) and would want to place one of those radios heard in the wardrobe of safe houses or in the ganton gym at the base of a radio tower and the entrance to the building of said radio station. i know the little boombox in the wardrobe room is an interior object, but i only want it to be heard on the outside, it's ok if it isn't seen. just curious how i do it

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You will have to edit the files starting with "radar" in gta3.img. For eg.->"radar139.img". See the place where you want to add and make a radio station or whatever you want to make there. But you will have to see what radar file is responsible for ganton. smile.gif

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You mean playing the radio sound?


0917: audio_zone 'BEACH' enable_sound 0


That might work.


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