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Celebrate CLAPTON


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So much a luminary in rock and rock guitar, E.C. Eric Clapton inspired many, many guitarists, including Edward Van Halen, who doesn't sound much like him at all


In this Thread, cover his stints with John Mayall's Blues Breakers, solo, Cream, and other projects, everyone select some songs you think highlight his legendary status. If you pickup the CROSSROADS collection, you won't be disappointed either!






Add to that



Eric commented in a funny yet poignant moment that when he first heard Jimi Hendrix on his car radio, he's pulled over to call Jeff Beck IIRC, and said "This guy's going to put us all out of business", he was in inspiration to Clapton and more, obviously

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When he lost his son, this song made everyone weep over his personal loss....






With J.J. Cale

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Three legends connected through one song:




And my favourite Cream (and by association, Clapton) song


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