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Vice City Style Peds

Black Stallion

Recommended Posts

Black Stallion

Peds-pack based on Vice City peds style.

I'm use some models from GTAIV, but i'm modified and retextured their.


For sample:

Lil Haiti Gang


user posted image



Models by RockStarGames(GTAIV and EFLC)

Textures by Me(BlackStallion)

Edited by Black Stallion
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Black Stallion
Lil Haiti Gang Mmber look good but too modern

jeans and shirt are too baggy

I don't think so....


user posted image

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Black Stallion
I mean: high-waisted pants and Shirt is inside of jeans (you can see the belt )

I figured, well, second Haitian do a little differently)

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Well, it seriously looks a bit more modern, but that's why it's more original, therefore I like it pretty much.


Good job mate, can't wait for more. Keep 'em coming wink.gifcookie.gif

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The Rocker

Looks amazing! These are the type of people I would shoot instantly, and then spend a few minutes staring down at their corpses. biggrin.gif

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Jules Verne

Wow those peds are looking great man, they look great just finish them with their shoes, I suggest some 80's Nike or something icon14.gif Can't wait to see more.

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