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Hy guys...

How can I make that if I type something in

then print out it.. Like in SA:MP...

In C++ it is something like that:



int i;cin >> i;cout << "You typed " << i;



so how to make that in SCM coding ?

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Heh. I know...

But how they make that in SA:MP on RPG servers ?

Like when you need to enter your password, are you male or female,

your age...

And then in a little window they print:



password : <your_>password>

sex: <male>

age: <your_age>


How do they make it ?

In C++ or how ?

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Yeah, they use C++ functions. It's still possible in CLEO by using VS exported DLL routines. Opcodes 0AA2, 0AA3 and 0AA4 might help you.

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I know little bit more than basics in C++, and I know SCM scripting, but I don't know how to mod GTA:SA from C++...

Is there any tutorial ?

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You can do something like this. I mean writing and reading from a label.



0000:const   V1        = 0x00969110endwhile true    wait 0 ms    0A8D: 0@ = read_memory V1 size 4 virtual_protect 0    //V1     0AC6: 1@ = label @Text offset    0A8C: write_memory 1@ size 1 value 0@ virtual_protect 0      0AC6: 1@ = label @Text offset    0AC8: 2@ = allocate_memory_size 16      0AC6: 1@ = label @Text offset   0A8D: 2@ = read_memory 1@ size 16 virtual_protect 0      0AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "%s_" time 100 values 2@      0A8C: write_memory V1 size 4 value 0 virtual_protect 0  // Clear the buffer  end:Texthex   00 00 end0000:


Something like this but you should skip bytes and put a wait.

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