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Chinatown Wars

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Chinatown Wars

THIS IS JUST A ROUGH DRAFT. If you do have any ways on me improving it, do tell.


Sheryl seemed to have the average life. She had a wonderful husband, 2 kids, an ok job (hell, who doesn't have a crappy job these days?), 2 cars and a nice house. Unfortunately, her father was sick and admitted into mental hospital 116. But, for some reason, every time she would try to see him, something would happen- an event or something bad- would stop her from seeing him.

Today was different.

She woke up early to make sure that nothing was going on, and quickly left the house leaving a note for her husband asking him to take the kids to school before going to work.

She set the gps to the route like she had done many times before. She sighed. She asked herself while waiting for the light to turn green that what if she wouldnt make it this time?

She remembered last time that 3 miles before she was at the center, she got a call that her child was sick, and had to quickly go to the school to pick her up.


Behind her a car honked it's horn, but it wasn't a honk. More like a loud buzzing noise. She looked behind her and saw a guy in an outfit, a medical outfit! She gunned it. She had to get away, and fast.

6 miles before destination

"Shut up" she thought

5 mile...

"Shut up" she said

4 mi-



A sharp pain shot through her arm and she swerved and crashed into a wall.

She woke up the next morning, with her husband right over her, asking if she was alright. She seemed to be fine, but seemed a little dazed. Her husband said to stay in bed for the day, just to be safe.

Many minutes after everyone was gone, she got a little hungry. She tried to ge up but couldn't. She tried as hard as she could, but as she was struggling, the guy in the car was over her.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" she cried.

The man seemed to be speaking in a completely different language, as she could only make out "116" and her name.

The pain. She tried to stay awake after the pain but couldn't. She fainted shortly after.

The next morning she decided to try not to see her dad. Maybe some force was keeping her from doing it. Maybe she had gone crazy and was imagining things. No she thought. She decided to do some chores, maybe freshen up a little.

She mapped out the house a little and decided to do the hallway first, just to do things different for once.

She looked down the hallway and her face grew pale.

The hallway had to be at least 30x longer than hers, and it had many doors and rooms. She could also hear screaming behind those doors.

She started walking, wanted to stop, but couldn't. It was like she was being forced to walk down the hallway!

Finally, she stopped. Looking into her room, she grew sick. Everything was white, and cushiony.

She shook her head, and everything was back to normal. She continued to clean the house.

The next day was a big day for her. Her friends were coming over to go drinking and partying at the night club. She was happy. She tried not to think about the past couple days, and think happy thoughts.


Friends are here!

She opened the door to let her friends in. They all began talking about clothes and other things, but they had to leave.

She said good-bye to the husband and left.

At the night club, everything seemed to be a blur.

She tried to recount how many shots she had, but couldn't. Everything seemed to go blank except these two guys in this white room.

She tried to fight back, but was tackled by even more guys in suits. There goes the sharp pain, and another! When would they stop.

Finally they stopped.

There lay the body of sheryl, in a straight jacket dead on the floor.

Word quickly spread to the warden about her not being able to take that final shot.

He read over her file.

"Sheryl Livingston. Age: 38. Apparently she had 2 kids, a husband, and a father who recently died. She apparently had been driving to her father, on his death bead, down highway 116 when a car behind her hit her bumper which caused her to crash into a wall. She bumped her head pretty hard, causing her to go crazy."

"Luckily it was only 3 miles away." said one of the guards.

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