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Convert .dff into .wft?


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As alot of people are aware, I think, there is a bike model for San Andreas that is from a movie called Akira. It's Kenada's bike mod. I reallllyyyy love the bike, but I wanted to put it in GTA IV. I'm not good at modelling. Like, at all, but texturing is another thing. I'm alright at that. If someone converted the model and the texture to .wft and .wtd for me, I was going to sproose up the texture and make it more detailed and what not, but I really wanted it in GTA IV, y'know? tounge.gif So, if someone could help me with the converting, I would share the texture modding. I'd reaaaallyy love some help here, guys! I really want this bike! Thanks.

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Not many people here complete requests, you'd probably have better luck learning to converting it your self. smile.gif


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Converting from SA to IV is pretty simple, just import the .dff (with the textures) into Zmodeler.

the next thing to do would be to import a stock IV bike and then emulate the IV vehicle setup on the SA vehicle


Also, pay close attention to the material names in ZM. If you look at their names you'll notice names like "mesh" and "badges"


Here's a link to material shader setups http://s1.zetaboards.com/Kottons_Chop_Shop/topic/2397951/1

Currently there's no tutorial for converting from SA to IV (that I know of)


Good luck, hope this helps.

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