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Ronmar The Only

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Ronmar The Only

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From the movie's website:


"We meet Aaron, a very bright but sheltered freshman as he arrives at an Ivy League college to join their elite engineering program. There he encounters Linda, a vivacious 34 year old former wild child who has returned to school to straighten out her life. She becomes the first person to encourage Aaron to follow his own dreams and he is soon smitten. When Linda invites him home for dinner Aaron thinks he's getting lucky. Instead he meets Beth, Linda's punchy, sarcastic 14-year old daughter who immediately develops an aggressive crush on him. The romantic math doesn't work in either direction but Aaron is drawn into a dysfunctional triangle and begins to learn that life can be more complicated than any engineering equation."








So, I found this to be a pretty damn good movie both from a pure enjoyment perspective and from a screenwriting perspective for there is seemingly no wasted motion (yet that is easy to do whenever your movie only lasts a little over 90 minutes).


It was placed on Netflix streaming a while ago, and I've slowly been going through my large queue of movies both new and old finally deciding to watch it now.


I'd highly recommend it if you're into the new quirky takes on young adult life.


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