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create multiple objects


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Hello everyone, well, I need help, when I press a [KEY] and object appears and if i am near that object, it disappears... but I cant create more objects until the one that is created disappears (Until the loop ends)... but what I want to do is to create as many objects as I want when I press [KEY], and "control" them individually... like, if I copy-pasted the script 10 times into the cleo folder, but i also need to pass some parameters to the new script...


I tried using 004f but it ain't working... and I cant count on arrays (Im short on local vars) Thanks!!!!!

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Use 0A92 instead.


Refer to this topic for more info on multiple threads in cleo. wink.gif




A little late but: you're welcome! smile.gif

Edited by Adler

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Use the following. I am not able to understand properly what you are trying to say. Maybe you can post the script.


Just as Adler said use 0A92.



0A92: create_custom_thread "ShowTextBox.s"


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thanks!! i didnt know that you can pass params to the opcode and that an "s" file is just a cleo with another extension haha thanks!!!!

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