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Manny, first mission


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Is the first mission with Manny. He comes to vehicle and we run behind of enemy car. On certain point, message that enemy goes to stop, stops behind of him.

Problem is that doesn't appear the yellow arrow on stop point. I have looked video of this mission and appears stop point, but on my computer doesn't appear and have legal version acquired on Game Stop shop.

Anywhere can to help me, why doesn't the yellow arrow on that place?...

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Carlos, first of all, my apologies as I do not have a fast solution for you as this seems like a bug or glitch on the game. However, what might be a good idea is to contact Rockstar Games customer support with a full description of the error, the name of the mission it happens on and any other details you believe to be of importance. They may take a day or so to get back to you, but they will do their best to assist. One last thing, I use the PC version of GTA-IV and have never used cheats or mods. If you have attempted to use a cheat either in the past or presently with the game, this may be effecting the manner in which scripted gameplay operates and may be the cause of your problem.

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Thanks Karjerker by your answer. Really I don't use cheats, all sessions played were played without cheats.

My problem is rare, because I have seen video over this mission and when car player arrives to point of light signal rapidly appears the yellow arrow how detail of point to stop!...

Ignore if there is any relation with previous missions before to play Mandy mission 1. Unique mission to play is with personage that requires vehicles. But I played on other installation game first this mission and after the Mandy mission, getting the same problem over yellow arrow!...


Note. I sent to Rocktar game support, question over this problem. I hope that on any days shall receive the answer.

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