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Yes Another sound issue!


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Hey everyone, for my little brother's birthday, I thought I would install Grand Theft Auto III, VC and San Andreas on his Windows XP Computer, however I've encountered a problem with San Andreas!

The sound. I didn't have any issues with Grand Theft Auto III, but when I installed vice city I had a minor sound problem it was hardware related. In vice city I was able to select my Audio Hardware (Dsound3d something something) Anyway that pretty much resolved the sound issue in Vice City. This leaves me with San-Andreas, there's no Audio-hardware selection, the only sounds that you can hear are the sounds that CJ tells himself after a cutscene. Is there any quick way of fixing it? Hardware problems aren't exactly my forte..

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Might help if we know:

• The source of and the method of the Install?

• Audio card type.

• Processor

• RAM (random access memory)

other questions may follow...

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