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Hi! I was looking if it was possible to create cutscenes for GTA IV. And I found this page in the GTA Modding wiki, here, that says cutscene creation isn't possible, but it is possible to modify existing cutscenes, to the point they are very different. The thing is that this is about San Andreas, amd the section of GTA IV has a table, but no info, so I don't know if it's the same for both. I understand the coding because it's simple, so I think I could modify cutscenes by myself if it were possible, but even so, I would like someone to point me to a better tutorial for GTA IV cutscene modding. And I would like someone to tell me what an opcode is.


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You could use one of the scripthooks (c++ or .net) to create cutscenes, all they are is a bunch of peds doing certain tasks at certain intervals with clever camera work, it would be very easy to create an ingame cutscene editor if you chose to do so.


Look into the scripthooks, if you are a begginer programmer then I suggest (from personal experiance/bias) using the ScriptHookDotNet. Don't expect to be able to do this in a week etc, it takes time to get good at this so start small and study the examples, they are there for a reason.


Btw >> Opcodes, good luck suicidal.gif

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