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Xtream Gaming SA-MP Server


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I am here to advertise one of the best servers in SA-MP.It is called Xtream Gaming.Well first off we have great DM zones our favorite is the MinigunDM.We also have m4 DM and alot more.We have experienced admins who are always ready to answer new questions.We have a teles command lots of racing a new race if someone finishes the old on begins in 60 seconds you would type /rjoin to join the race we have a great housing system.We use GarHouseSystem V2.We price our houses really cheaply.We have great stunt zones such as ramps Airport stunt zones.Everyday we get 1 new player.Everyday we are adding updates to our server so if you join im sure you will have fun and not want to leave the server.You can also spawn any car you want plus you can tune the car however you like.

So if you want to join this awesome server come to this ip: link removed And I promise you will have fun

Our website is: link removed

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Sorry guy, but this isn't the right place for it:



We do not mind if an external gang or player seeks for participation from here, the more players/events, the merrier. But do not just post a link to your website/forums, asking people to sign up over there. No advertising - its against the GTAForums Rules and Policies. Avoid posting external links and make proper use of your topic. You can post anything pertaining to your event within your topic - rules, schedules, results and what-not.



Feel free to remove your links to your event. No external operation. icon13.gif

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No external advertising.

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