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IcEnhancer hates me


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So first a little background. I have a retail copy of GTAIV running on Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1), with an i7 940 (OC'd to 3.5Ghz), 12 gigs of RAM and being rendered by 2 NVidia GTX 460's (Driver 280.26) in SLI.

I bought the game 2 months ago and patched to 1.0.7. After a short time I started to look into modding and got very interested after watching a Youtube video of IcEnhancers 1.25 mod. Downloaded and modded without a hitch. Decided it wasnt for me due the the washout of the cutscenes, and went back to playing the backup. Downloaded more mods, mostly cars, kept playing, and so forth. IcEnhancer 1.3 releases and I wanna give it a shot. Download and xfer files, game crashes IMMEDIATELY after the very first load screen (black backdrop, white Rockstar text).

I've since then gone so far as to reinstall, patch to only 1.0.4 (since it supposedly works with it perfectly), tried every trick in the readme and help files that came with 1.3. This includes ASI loader, scripthooks, ensuring DirectX and video drivers are up to date, and so on. Nothing I have tried has changed how this mod crashes my game. Even reverting to a clean install (patched to 1.0.4) and trying the old 1.25 mod. Same affect.

Please help. This is driving me up the wall.

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